LKV363Mini AV to HDMI converter converts CVBS and Audio (L/R) to HDMI with scaler up to 720p or 1080p; Lenkeng unique Color eye technology is adopted to improve the picture and audio quality, and make the output image much more vivid.

  • AV to HDMI conversion technology

           LKV389 converts CVBS to HDMI with scaler based on LENKENG 10-year technical experience on conversion technology, making the picture more vivid.

  • Full HD 1080p; bring you into a new frontier

            LKV363Mini converts standard AV signal to HDMI by LENKENG advanced video conversion technology with scaler up to 1080p.

  • Intelligent AV to HDMI converter

            LKV363mini can automatically detect AV signal in PAL/NTSC and scales it to 720p/1080p, Plug and play, no drivers or software required, making you enjoy the convenience and the visual impact.

  •  3D Compensation Technology

            Although it’s mini version, LENKENG unique 3D Compensation Technology is also applied. With this technology, It can optimize the whole process and result, including the signal input, signal collection, signal processing and signal output.

            Video on watching will become much more vivid    and no jitter and trailing even for fast moving video meanwhile, restore the three primary Red, Green, and Blue perfectly.

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